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Cảm nghiệm Mùa Chay 2022 (Reflection on Lent 2022)

Thứ hai - 02/05/2022 13:21
Mùa chay Thánh 2022 đã qua đi, nhưng những tâm tình của các em lớp giáo lý vẫn như đang hiện diện sống động. Mùa chay là thời gian các em và mỗi người chúng ta được kết hợp mật thiết sâu hơn với Chúa Giêsu Khổ Nạn và Phục Sinh. Sau đây là những chia sẻ tâm tình của các em lớp giáo lý Kinh Thánh, giáo xứ Thánh Minh, Winnipeg, Canada.
Lent 2022 (Lop giao ly 8)
Lent 2022 (Lop giao ly 8)
During Lent, I have learned at it is like a long retreat. During which we can turn back into ourselves and listen to the voice of God in order to win against the temptations of the evil one. We also renounce ourselves in order to follow Christ and to discipline ourselves during the month of Lent. (Daniel Tran)

This year’s Lent was almost like any other Lent. This year, though I didn’t really give up anything for Lent. My favorite part though was helping the homeless at Siloam Mission. (John Tran Minh)

This Lent I learned more about stuff about God. I gave up thing that I enjoy doing

This Lent, I knew more about God and started praying as I started to understand the meaning of Lent. I fasted more, gave alms more often and I quit some of the things I enjoy doing. Through Lent, I thought more about my actions. Is it good? Is it bad? It made me think more often if I’m doing what God would want me to do. I pay more attention to the face that every negative thing I do, it mashes God in more pain and it is like crucifying Jesus over and over again. Lent taught me to be truly sorry for the sins I have done and to fix it and not only apologize. (Anna Thien An)

Gave up two bad habits, started eating properly again. This Lent I learnt more about God

I think it is very interesting and fun. Lent is cold and that I have learned a lot of new things about Jesus. I also learned more about the miracles that Jesus performed.

I think of Lent as a long retreat during which we can turn to ourselves and God’s voice, away from our bad habits, to defeat the temptations of the evil one. It’s chance to reflect on ourselves and to test our self-discipline.
Students of Catechism Class 8
Saint Philip Minh Parish

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