Chúa phán: "Ta là sự sáng thế gian, ai theo Ta, sẽ được ánh sáng ban sự sống".(Ga 8, 12b)

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Thứ sáu - 07/04/2017 23:33

Archdiocese of Saint Boniface Chrism Mass – Tuesday of Holy Week, April 11, 2017, at St. Émile Church

This year, the Chrism Mass will be celebrated on Tuesday of Holy Week, April 11, 7:30 PM at St. Émile Church, 556 St. Anne’s Road, Winnipeg. For the last few years, a determined effort has been made in our diocese to increase the quantity and quality of communication at all levels. A vibrant Church, an evangelizing Church requires that the people of God come to know the vision and direction that binds us together as a diocese so that all may embrace and participate in it. In this light, parishes will be selecting and sending to the Mass and Banquet, four representatives from their parish who are involved in assuring the communication of all information needed by the parishioners. All the faithful are invited to this diocesan celebration. Following the Chrism Mass, a time of fellowship will take place at the St. Emile Parish Hall.

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