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Christmas programs performed by TNTT of St. Philip Minh Parish for Residence Despins December 17, 2022

Bui Xuan Hoa

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Day: Saturday 17 December 2022
  • 1:45 pm (start) at Despins Resident
  • 3:15 pm at Villa Aulneau Resident
  • Despins Residence: 151 Rue Despins, Winnipeg
  • Villa Aulneau : 601 Rue Aulneau: 

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that we are finally able to visit with you again during this festive season after 2 years.  In the 2 years that have gone by I have gotten a chance to learn a bit more French and now have found a new MC to help guide todays program.  The children at St. Phillip Minh Parish have prepared Christmas Carols to share with you today.  Christmas is the season of great joy and love because God is love and God so loves the World that He sent His only Son for us.  Myself and Quynh here would first like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year filled with lots of love, joy, and laughter surrounded by family and friends.  For those of you who do not have any family here in Winnipeg, we are hoping the children of St. Phillip Minh can bring you joy and happiness through their performances. 
French introduction……

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